L’érotisme selon Wakefield Poole

Bellevaux, 23.10, 16:30

Bible !

Wakefield Poole, 1974, Etats-Unis
Sans dialogue, 84′
In the presence of Jim Tushinski

With quite a level of nerve, Wakefield Poole picks up three sto- ries out of the Old Testament, which incriminates women, but, this time, to put them in a strong position, offering a surprising proofreading of the story. Tales of Adam & Eve, Bethsabea (Georgina Spelvin, “The Devil in Miss Jones”, 1973), and of Samson & Delilah are herewith related with the sensibility, the style and the aesthetic of a Wakefield Poole who abandon homosexual por- nography, in favour of a softcore, hetero approach. If artistic success is real- ized, the commercial counterpart is missing. “Bible!” becomes therefore the most tremendous financial failure in all Wakefield Poole’s career.