L’érotisme selon Wakefield Poole

Paderewski, 21.10, 22:30


Wakefield Poole, 1972, United-States
No dialogue, 77′
In the presence Jim Tushinski

While digging into the handbag he just stole, a man discovers an invitation card for a night club named Bijou. Mezmerizing, “Bijou” has less of a puzzle-movie of which the pieces are to be attached in order to be understood, than of a Rorschach test, open to every interpretations. There is no wrong answer. If its aesthetic, halfway between surrealism and expres- sionism, takes the movie to an outstanding range, its tender and slick shade are not to be outdone, to the extend that “Bijou” has rapidly been considered as a instance of a non-degrading, sexually explicit movie.