Espace Saint Martin, 19.10, 18:00 – 20:00

Body Modification —
NFC / RFID Implant

Led by Sina Amoor Pour
Assisted by Marc Zendrini
Implants par Nico OCXP
15 participants/es
Free entry upon registration, implants 80.–

The implanting microchips into the body? The Stasi, the KGB or the Big Brother couldn’t have dreamt better, the Silicon Valley is about to sell it as “obvious”. After a presentation of various biohacking projects, the issues and available reflective tools to master these technologies by ourselves, before they are imposed on us, a RFID chip implant placement in the hand is offered to the participants. This workshop is presented by Sina Amoor Pour, founder member of BioNyfiken, based in Stockholm; biohacker activists who — outside of their labs — adapt their skills in the biopolitical field.