Galerie HumuS, 23.10, 14:00—15:30

Lecture and presentation
of Cinema Hermetica

Cinéma Hermetica, Pacôme Thiellement, éditions Super 8, 2016
Lecture: Jacques Roman
Presentation: Pacôme Thiellement

It all began in 2014 when a photographer published some pictures of an abandoned Egyptian cinema in the desert… From there Pacôme Thiellement, as an erudite pop magician, delves into the mysteries of cinema and proposes some crazy analyzes of cult movies such as Nosferatu, Suspiria, Chinatown, Shining and particularly Freaks which is also part of the film Stupor Mundi that the Pacôme Thiellement has co-directed with Thomas Bertay.

Stupor Mundi is shown in the documentaries section.