FilmCinerama — Danny Plotnick’s Serenade

Mid 80’s, Ann Arbor, Michigan. A young punk soaking in DIY culture takes hold of a Super 8 camera and films shorts for nought. A 16 mm? Yeah sure it’s better, but too expensive. Plotnick doesn’t give a tweet about the negative attention that this rudimentary medium might generate, he keeps filming. 1987, Plotnick leaves for San Francisco shoots funny films, screens them in bars, tours around in North America and Europe carrying reels in his backpack. In comes Grunge. The indie scene is in effervescence but underground cinema prefers to stick to relatively serious stuff. Authors working in Plotnick’s style are only ever accepted in festivals such as the New York or Chicago Underground Film Festival. In 1996, he makes “I’m Not Fascinating”, a bitter sweet comedy about the indie business (remastered this year in HD 7.1), before his “Pillow Talk” is screened at the MoMA. He also collects strange films and in his basement one may find piles of reels picked up from ghetto bins and assembled into strange compilations. Mondo Edutainment might be one of them.