Romandie, 20.10, 20:30

EJMA, 21.10, 22:30

Dead Hands Dig Deep

Jai Love, 2015, United States
English, sub.french, 75′

A breathtaking descent into the world of Edwin Borsheim and the metal band Kettle Cadaver whose extreme performances make the jinks of G.G.Allin look like kitty tricks by comparison. While the blood sometimes runs on screen, between disgust and fascination it is rather the sense of bitterness that marks this account. From the shows, with all the unimaginable things promised to the lead-performer’s nihilistic trips beginning when the lights switch off, “Dead Hands Dig Deep” examins the frontiers of the overwhelming madness of the scene that now belongs to the past. All that’s left is the decorum, as bizarre as it is disturbing, in which Borsheim takes refuge accompanied by memories and his own demons.