Thursday 20.10

Salle des Fêtes,
Casino de Montbenon


Hedoromeruhen (hedoro: the mud; mehuen: the fairy tale) is an experimental noise folk duo made up of Yasutoshi Yoshida (aka Government Alpha), a harsh noiseist, and Daisuke Ichiba, painter (Bijin-ga), photographer and musician. Hedoromeruhen is a fully senseless sedimentation of memories, unconscious and time expansion which will carry you along from Tokyo to Cairo, from ‘80s to a parallel dimension. The meaning of words vanishes. This mass of superfluous noises emerges out of necessity and creates a slightly sad and nostalgic sound space.

Government Alpha also gives a performance at Hall du Casino de Montbenon.
Daisuke Ichiba also gives a workshop and a book signing/exhibition at HumuS