Host an artist!

Cumshot Bukkake, LUFF 2015, Adeline Bregnard

Cumshot Bukkake, LUFF 2015, Adeline Bregnard

LUFF is looking for generous landlords-ladies to host artists of this edition!
Fun times and day-passes to the festival in exchange!

Required conditions:
– Individual room (bedroom or living room) of which the artists can make use at their will during their stay, which includes the presence of a door for instance.
– Real bed or mattress, which clean sheets (no living room sofas).
– Situated in the centre of Lausanne or close suburbs.

If you have any questions, please contact lydia.weyrich (at) luff (point) ch

Mes informations

Mon logement

Vos lits

Cocher le nombre de lit que vous avez à disposition. Pour les matelas pneumatique et à installer par terre, merci de cocher la place disponible pour en installer.

Dates d'hébergement disponibles*
 Lundi 17.10.16 Mardi 18.10.16 Mercredi 19.10.16 (LUFF) Jeudi 20.10.16 (LUFF) Vendredi 21.10.2016 (LUFF) Samedi 22.10.16 (LUFF) Dimanche 23.10.16 (LUFF) Lundi 24.10.2016 Mardi 25.10.2016

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