EJMA, 20.10, 22:30

Romandie, 22.10, 16:30

I Don’t Believe in Anarchy

Natalya Tchumakova, Anna Tsyrlina, 2015, Russia/Switzerland
Russia, subtitle english, 72′

In the minds of countless Russians who came of age during the fall of the Soviet Union, the radical lyrics and visceral sound of cult Siberian band Grazhdanskaya Oborona (“civil defense”), aka GrOb, and its visionary leader Yegor Letov have come to embody the apocalyptic and rebellious spirit of those days. Thirty years later, Letov’s legacy resonates as strongly as ever, as Russia turns to its cultural past in search for a new narrative. This long-anticipated film about one of the few significant bands to emerge out of post-1989 Russia refuses to address the past from the vantage point of the present. Instead, the film connects the two through a uniquely Russian “reverse perspective”: “eternal past” as “eternal now”. In contrast to the traditions of the genre of “music documentary”, the film does not offer any cultural analysis nor revisits GrOb’s legacy, but fuses utopian and dystopian threads of the story to ultimately explore the limits of biography and documentary in their capacity to represent both the historic and the ephemeral.