Danny Plotnick’s Serenade

EJMA, 21.10, 18:30

I’m Not Fascinating and other fascinating stuff

In the presence of Danny Plotnick

The “Apocalypse Now” of Danny Plotnick: “I’m Not Fascinating” — fully remastered in full HD 7.1 in World Premiere. The film follows the incredible but true story of low-fi punk band The lcky Boyfriends. In preliminary: a series of video clips chosen or directed by Danny the man Himself.

Tour Tips
Danny Plotnick, 2001, United States, Digital, 2′

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Rodney Ascher, United States, Digital, 6′

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Syd Garon & Eric Henry, 2004, United States, 6′

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Jennifer & Amber Cluck. 2000, United States, VHS, 4′
Songs For Swinging Larvae by Renaldo & The Loaf
Graeme Whiffler, 2008, United States, DVD, 6′

I’m Not Fascinating-The Movie!
Danny Plotnick, 1996, United States, Digital, 47′