Film — International Competitions

Jury – Feature Films

Michael Rosen
Berlin, Germany

Born in Transylvania, grew up in Southern Germany and living in Berlin since 2004. In 2008 he founded the independent cultural agency, Digital in Berlin, which curates, promotes and develops events concepts and concerts in Berlin and around the world. He co-directs the renowned MADEIRADiG Festival, and the Madeira Micro Independent Film Fest.

Sylvie Fleury
Geneva, Switzerland

Swiss artist Sylvie Fleury emerged in the underground art scene in Geneva in the late 80s, introducing a politically-charged dialogue in the realm of post-conceptual thought. Fleury’s artistic explorations of twentieth-century paradoxes, including luxury consumerism versus popular media and culture, masculinity and femininity, and so on, make statements that are winsome, seductive and confrontational.

Alex Diehl
Rotterdam, Netherland

I am film programmer at a venue called WORM in Rotterdam, and for BUT Film Festival in Breda. Our annual film festival focuses on Underground cinema and B-movies. For over 20 years I have been travelling to other festivals and collecting anything about weird and off-the-grid-cinema.

Jury – Short Films

Xavier Seron
Bruxelles, Belgium
Script Writer and director

After directing a documentary about Belgian wrestlers, and some noticed and awarded short films (“Rien d’insoluble”, “Le crabe”, “(Très) Mauvaise Lune” (LUFF 2013) ou “L’Ours noir”), he finally managed to finalized his first feature film: “Death by Death”, a pitch black comedy opening this year’s LUFF edition.

Victor Teta
Geneva, Switzerland
Programmer of the Petit Black Movie and actor

Professional houhouteur, festivals skimmer and incidentally film programmer, Victor currently officiates in Black Movie. He likes the hot cinema and cold beer (and certainly not the reverse).

Loïc Raboud
Martigny, Switzerland
Curator & graphic designer

Curator of the Universal Cheese Raclette Exhibition, supporter of Japanese brass bands, graphic artist for the Live music club Caves du Manoir in Martigny, as well as for the PALP Festival, disciple of weird sounds and visual oddities, Loïc Raboud is first of all one of the most prominent cheese raclette sound maker whose work has been played and sampled worldwide.