Opening Film

Paderewski, 19.10, 20:30

Bellevaux, 21.10, 16:30

Je me tue à le dire

Dramatic comedy
Xavier Seron, 2016, Belgium
Black and white, French, 90min

Swiss Premiere
In the presence of Xavier Seron

A 30 year-old actor with the allure of Vincent Macaigne, surrounded by death, is convinced he has contracted breast cancer from his mother. At times he’s being miserable, at others he’s a Christ-like messianic figure. In the countdown of the movies chapters he goes through the entire spectre of his drives and fears. The anti-hero struggles in a world where the sacramental bread has been replaced by cat food and breast implants have become flying saucers. With a very textured black and white film, Xavier Seron approaches death and illness with dark humour as the only possible weapon, which is reminiscent of the mockumentary by Belvaux, Bonzel and Poelvoorde. But beyond, there is a sordid poetry and sticky tenderness which both resist the economy of this cruel and generalized mockery, hoping to make the farce into something graceful.