L’adulescence de Phil Mulloy

In the animation film environment, the name of Mulloy sounds like nails on a chalkboard. Coming from the world painting, he started to make his first feature very young. But, while ideas were quick to come, the funding stalled the whole project. Frustrated, Mulloy started painting again and switched to animation film as it allowed him independence. Choosing to sacrifice the image for the idea, he develops a style of extreme sobriety for a increasingly caustic message. Across seven programs, LUFF invites to discover this frenetic journey towards creative freedom. Painted Zogs squirming to the sounds of free-jazz, nazi dog with a robotic voice, sleepwalker twisted in computer generated images, all is there for Mulloy to gradually scratch the pretty surface of your thoughts and exposes the abject skeleton of bourgeois hypocrisy beneath. Remember the bitterness of your teenage years, the violent and mean rejection of the healthy thinking inherited from the adults… well, how about another hit?