20 ans de la
Fondation F.I.N.A.L.E.

Paderewski, 20.10, 22:30

La fille du

Jérôme Savary, 1975, France
35 mm, French, 95′
In the presence Michel Froidevaux

In 1966 Jérôme Savary with his “Grand Magic Circus” troupe embarks on the hectic journey of comedy. In 1975 Roland Topor — patron of HumuS — he concocts “the first erotic burlesque”. In a sordid melodramatic atmosphere, he shoots a splendid farce that is an extension of his other feature “The butcher, the star and the orphan”. Both films won’t have any success, the Grand Magic troope will even line up in front of the movie theaters, to incite the public to come in and discover the film…