Carte blanche
à Marc Caro

Paderewski, 20.10, 18:30

Les nains aussi ont commencé petits

Werner Herzog, RFA
German, sub. French, 97′
In the presence of Marc Caro

In an isolated institution, a group of dwarves rises up against the director and the guards, creating a funny and scary unbelievable chaos, which leads to consequences that are as fascinating as distressing. With this horde of small men Herzog titillates the audience by defining or recreating our modern society, its necessities, its flaws, via the prism of the absurd and the ridiculous. It is each and all of us that are portrayed: Human with a capital “H”, this creature full of himself who must look rather comical and odd from the outside. The methods that the author of “Aguirre“ choosed for this film have often been disliked, yet it is only a slightly uglier reflection of you and me…