Carte blanche
à Marc Caro

Paderewski, 22.10, 16:30

Mister Freedom

William Klein, France
French, 95′

In the presence of Marc Caro

1968: its student protests, its strikes, its workers’ uprisings, its cobblestones, its slogans and its anti-imperialist ideology! And what’s best to titillate the triumphant capitalism than lashing out at its most prominent symbols? Personified here by Mr. Freedom, a Yankee-footballer looking, a racist, a handsome proud and arrogant show-off, he answers to his superior Dr. Freedom (Donald Pleasance), who gives him the mission to save France from the communist threat and find the brave Capitaine Formidable! The satire is impressive, and the humour exhilarating, all the more since Klein is not a nasty French eager to open his big mouth, but a former GI arrived in France in 1947. With Philippe Noiret as a mustachioed Russian and Gainsbourg with his piano, Mister Freedom definitely has it all!