20 ans de la
Fondation F.I.N.A.L.E.

Paderewski, 23.10, 18:30

Personal Services

Terry Jones, 1987, United Kingdom
35 mm, English, sub. French, German, 105′
In the presence Michel Froidevaux

Terry Jones, known as director of most of the Monty Python films, retraced the destiny of Cynthia Payne (born in 1932), a waitress who became the most famous brothel Madam in London. Facing the puritan justice, she will try to twin her brothel into a kind of Thélème abbey, imagined formerly by Rablais, with the motto “Do what you like” — at least for the clientele of the establishment. Released in 1987, the film is a joyful indict- ment against sexual and emotional waste, arosen from the Puritan education. Discovering these personal services is to feel a jubilant flush!