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Wakefield Poole, "Bible!"

Wakefield Poole, “Bible!”


Pretensions – Long live the stupid age and random images. It still took short of fifteen years to finally come to terms with the mash-up like programming of movies of all kinds without feeling ashamed. Even better, gone are the sneers denouncing the outrage of putting face to face the finest of the high-chinned avant-garde and the ruffian filmmakers feeding reels to local grindhouses reeking of old hobo piss. It even seems like the norm now: not one festival left without a provocative section relegated to midnight showings or a naughty screening, viewer discretion more or less advised. And it’s all good! But it’s no reason to revise our formula… Then again, expect a few surprises that could lead you to rectify a chapter or two in cinema history books.

Stefan Roigk

Stefan Roigk


Misunderstandings – Music or anti-music? Neither. Sound art? Not really anymore. A feeling that we can’t understand each other. Yes, now we have an understanding. It’s getting good when we stop hearing each other talk. And when it leads – whether on purpose or not – to a misunderstanding of the very idea of music, then it becomes powerfully enjoyable.
The 2016 sonic menu further entertains the misunderstanding: between what we imagine producing and what we imagine understanding and perceiving, a hyper creative dynamic is heard where swindle and blunders become music instruments. Huh?

Danny Plotnick, "I'm Not Fascinating"

Danny Plotnick, “I’m Not Fascinating”

Guitar Wolf

Guitar Wolf


Credit: Brutal Assault


A welcoming haven of free stuff, L’OFF spreads its creations to the farthest reaches of the festival through performances, exhibitions and other extravaganzas. A collaborative project from artists Romain Berger and Anthony de Macedo will take the spotlight this year. Picking from the limping memories of fifteen years of festival, it will mix film, sound and visual contents gathered by LUFF itself, or regurgitated by its hungry spectators, into a guzzling and shapeshifting installation.

Danny Plotnick, "Take Back Your Beaver"

Danny Plotnick, “Take Back Your Beaver”