Closing Film

Salle Paderewski, 22.10, 20:30


Animation / Road Movie / Thriller
Bill Plympton, Jim Lujan, 2016, United-States
Color, English, 71′
Swiss premiere

Three years after his last feature, the independent filmmaker Bill Plympton joins forces with the animator Jim Lujan (“Sanjourno Must Die”, 2012) to produce a new animation film. The former directs and animates, the latter writes the screenplay and works on design. A synthesis of the know-how and the aesthetic universes of these two men, “Revengeance” tells the Californian vagrancies of a bounty hunter, serving a senator who expects him to deliver a stolen parcel and its thief. Between a thriller and a road movie, the film provides an immersion in a wet fauna and Tarantino style, inhabited by hackneyed characters (the biker, the junkie, the politician, the gangster, etc.) and with the promise of cold sweats, lout and bloody settlings of scores and explosive humor.