Swedish Nymphette: Christina Lindberg

Paderewski, 22.10, 22:30

Sex and Fury

Norifumi Suzuki, 1973, Japan
Digital, Japanese, sub. French, 88′
In the presence of Christina Lindberg

During the 1971 Cannes film festival, Christina Lindberg who attended it for the promotion of “Exposed” (Gustav Wiklund), is approached by representatives of the Japanese studio Toei. Two years later, she flies to Tokyo for the filming of “Journey to Japan” (Sadao Nakajima) and the more interesting “Sex and Fury” signed by the director of “School of the Holy Beast”. She plays an English spy who crosses paths with Kyoto (Reiko Ike, emblematic figure of Nippon exploitation), a vengeful femme fatale in search of her father’s killers. Thanks to its visual maestrie, memorable action scenes and delicious eroticism, “Sex & Fury” has became a reference of the Japanese genre cinema.