Cinématographe, 21.10, 18:30

Bellevaux, 22.10, 18:30

Stupor Mundi

Thomas Bertay, Pacôme Thiellement, 2016, France
French/English, sub. french, 100′

Stupor Mundi is a series of 4 films composed of archive footage and original interviews. In the footsteps of Freaks, Frank Zappa serves as our guide among the sacred ties uniting all monsters. In “The Ritual of Pope Decapitation” the rites and cults of the L.A. freak movement in the 1960’s tell the tale of the quest for the Big Note. “Men Who Ate the Mountain” deals with the pataphysics of Alfred Jarry, the transformation of Hippies into Yuppies and the evils of politics. A crazed and prophetic sabbath.

Pacôme Thiellement also presents his book Cinema Hermetica.