International Feature Film Competition

EJMA, 20.10, 18:30

EJMA, 22.10, 16:30

Tabloid Vivant

Kyle Broom, 2015, United States
English, Sub. French, 105′
International premiere
In the presence of Kyle Broom (director) and Alexandra Spector (producer)

By nature, artists seek to exceed their abilities. When Maximilien Klinkau tries to surpass his very own abilities, he catches the attention of art critic Sara Speed. Subsequently, their encounter gives rise to a powerful dynamic that leads to a new form of artistic expression with potentially dangerous consequences. Beyond comparison, “Tabloid Vivant” presents itself as an arthouse thriller Kyle Broom’s feature debut cannot be classified. It looks like rooted in reality, but comes down to be deeply surrealist. It is a genre film that follows no obvious pattern. “Tabloid Vivant” throws the viewer for a loop and this is just one of many qualities it brings along with.