Internation Feature
Film Competition

Cinématogaphe, 21.10, 22:30

EJMA, 23.10, 18:30

The Eye’s Dream

Original Title: Gankyū no yume

Hisayasu Satō, 2016, Japan / United-States
Japanese, sub. French/English, 102′
International premiere

This is the encounter between the neurologist Dr. Sata, specialized in the phenomenon of “phantom limb” — perceived by people who have suffered an amputation — and a female photographer obsessed with the human eye since she has plucked out the eye of her kidnapper. Watch out! Pinku Eiga veteran Hisayazu Satō is making his return to LUFF. Whereas his film “Hana-Dama” (LUFF 2014) turned out to be less typically personal than his previous works, “The Eye’s Dream” is a comeback in the genre eroticism that made his very reputation. As surprising as it may sound, this film come to life after Satō met ethnologists Lucien Castaing-Taylor and Verena Paravel known for the documentary “Leviathan”, awarded at the Locarno Film Festival 2012.