Special Projects

Paderewski, 20.10, 20:30

The Sub Black-Out Evening

Marc Caro, Jenny Pickett, Julien Ottavi, Chloé Malaise, Arthur Hureau-Parreira, Romain Papion

An audiovisual experience in three acts, into the womb of Salle Paderewski. The first act roots into the explorations of electronic techniques and their means of collective composition by Ensemble DIME, an itinerant group of electronic music professionals and amateurs. The second act witnesses the orchestration of modular synthesizers and digital oscillators by duo Solar Return. Their flowing layers of sonic interpolations sail among the flashes of solar explosions, to an Icarian experience beyond sensitivity. Finally, the third act slips into the sonic hypnosis set by Marc Caro who, aside his Carte Blanche, sublimates the room in a stroboscopic immersive trance in black and white.

Une carte blanche est également donnée à Marc Caro.