Swedish Nymphette: Christina Lindberg

Paderewski, 22.10, 14:30

The Swinging Co-eds

Walter Boos, 1972, Germany
35 mm, German, sub. French – Italian, 84′
In the presence of Christina Lindberg

During the Rio Olympics, the media freely commented on the athletes’s good sexual health. Forty years earlier, Walter Boos did far better! Equally known under the evocative title “Sex at the Olympics”, the film recounts the unscrupulous adventures of several young girls during the Olympic Games in Munich. Among them, Christina Lindberg, of course, but also Ingrid Steeger, who glorified the screens of LUFF last year during the Dietrich retrospect. The film’s format recalls other “sex report” films (to which Dietrich contributed enormously) and doesn’t feature any athletes.