Swedish Nymphette: Christina Lindberg

Paderewski, 21.10, 20:30


Bo Arne Vibenius, 1973, Sweden
15 mm, Swedish, sub. French, 104′
In the presence of Christina Lindberg

Released here (and pretty much everywhere else) amputated of its most tantalizing minutes under the title “Crime à Froid”, “Thriller” is at the pinnacle of the somewhat dubious sub-genre rape’n’revenge. “Thriller” follows the life of Frigga, an innocent creature who became mute allowing the trauma of childhood rape. As a young adult she is kidnapped, drugged and forced into prostitution- until the day when she radically turns the tables. The rawness of the film, as well as powerful imagery today embedded in the collective consciousness have made “Thriller” an authentic cult film. Unsurprisingly adored by Tarantino who makes reference to it in “Kill Bill”, the film retains its extraordinary impact more than forty years later.