EJMA, 20.10, 16:30

EJMA, 22.10, 22:30

Timur Novikov: Zero Object

Alexander Shein, 2014, Russia
Russian, sub. English, 95′

In the ‘80s, as Soviet history was heading to its end, a new creative energy gave birth to an innovative aesthetic reality. Leningrad was at the vanguard, and Timur Novikov was the undisputed leader of Leningrad counterculture. More than a documentary about Timur Nokinov, this film is the account of a movement which advocated for freedom of art and expression in a particularly tense political context. The cast is gold: cult rocker Viktor Tsoi, and artists Georgy Guryanov, Vladislav Mamyshev-Monroe and Sergey ‘Afrika’ Bugaev, among others.