EJMA, 21.10, 16:30

EJMA, 23.10, 20:30

Tony Conrad: Completely in the Present

Tyler Hubby, 2016, United States
English, sub. french, 102′

Maybe you saw some of his films at LUFF 2003, or even met the guy between Casino de Montbenon and Cinéma Oblò in 2009: Tony Conrad. Crazed with flickering visual experimentations, he was also a wacky violin player, an unusual artist, full of life and constantly funny. He passed away last April. Tyler Hubby’s documentary gives the opportunity to realize how dense and amazing his life has been. From playing along minimalist masters Stockhausen and La Monte Young, to composing the score for Jack Smith’s “Flaming Creatures”, Conrad also played a pivotal role in the creation of The Velvet Underground, and a pioneer of avant-garde cinema with the mesmerizing “The Flicker”. These are just a few examples of what made Tony Conrad’s life so unique.