L’érotisme selon Wakefield Poole

As a respected Broadway dancer and choreographer, Wakefield Poole is slowly getting tired of the poor quality in lot of gay pornographic movies. As a personal challenge, he gets involved in filmmaking and finds there a new form of expression in which he puts to use skill as a theater direction, in order to create erotic movies able to stimulate the mind, and thus elevate the genre of pornography to a truly artistic means of expression. In an era where it would still seem unthinkable, he puts his name at the top of the posters, turns into a sensation, and without even knowing it, becomes a pioneer in the X force. However, more than forty years later, his work is still disregarded of reference on the 7th art books, whether they’re stamped LGBT or not.

“After Wakefield Poole’s films, mine are unnecessary and a bit naïve, don’t you think?” Andy Warhol (New York Times, 1972)



BITS 038