Internation Feature
Film Competition

Cinématogaphe, 21.10, 16:30

Bellevaux, 22.10, 20:30


International Feature Film Competition winner
Nicolette Krebitz, 2016, Germany
German, sub. French, 97′

Ania is a young IT specialist living alone in the apartment of her dying grandfather. Her life turns upside down after encountering a wolf in an urban area. Starting like a social drama, “Wild” slowly takes a twin to a condition of wilderness that we all need. The film transcends our expectations and prepares us little for what is coming next. Intense and unsettling, Nicolette Krebitz’s film (also known as actress in “Der Tunnel” by Roland Suso Richter, 2001) is an effective as well as radical variation on the subjects similar to those of Sean Penn’s “Into the Wild”. In contrast of it, “Wild” doesn’t become cumbersome and moralistic.